A14 Bitcoin Trend Signals Case Study (2017)

Here is a case study of the Bitcoin Trend Signals for 2017.  Take a look at the case study to get a better idea what it is like to trade these signals.

The biggest advantage of trading Bitcoin is the potentially huge risk to reward ratios.  Therefore, I want to show performance  in terms of “R”.  Basically, R is the value of the risk.  So, a losing trade would be -1R.  A winning trade would be a positive R value, like +3R or in the best case scenario +10R.  Keep this in mind when looking at the results.

Keep in mind, the Target for Bitcoin Trend Signals is 10 times the risk.


Trade 1

  • Jan 17: BUY
  • Feb 9: Trail SL Hit @ +.8R
  • Result: +.8R

Trade 2

  • Feb 17: BUY
  • March: Trail SL Hit @ +3.9R
  • Result: +3.9R

Trade 3

  • April 1: BUY
  • May 8: Target Hit @ +10R
  • Result: +10R

Trade 4

  • May 14: BUY
  • May 27: Trail SL Hit @ +1.2R
  • Result: +1.2R

Trade 5

  • May 29: BUY
  • June 12: Trail SL Hit @ 1.1R
  • Result: +1.1R

Trade 6

  • June 20: BUY
  • June 26: Stop Hit @ -1R
  • Result: -1R

Trade 7

  • July 5: BUY
  • July 10: Stop Hit @ -1R
  • Result: -1R

Trade 8

  • July 20: BUY
  • Aug 22: Trail SL Hit @ +3.1R
  • Result: +3.1R

Trade 9

  • Aug 23: BUY
  • Sep 4: Trail SL Hit @ +.2R
  • Result: +.2R

Trade 10

  • Sep 25: BUY
  • Oct 24: Trail SL Hit @ +5.9R
  • Result: +5.9R

Trade 11

  • Oct 26: BUY
  • Nov 10: Trail SL Hit @ +1.6R
  • Result: -1R

Trade 12

  • Nov 15: BUY
  • Dec 8: Target Hit @ +10R
  • Result: +10R

OK.  There were 12 trade opportunities.  10 ended as wins.  2 ended as losses.  That is a win rate of @ 83.3%.  And an impressive +35.8R profit that was gained.

So,  not only does this strategy have a good win rate… but it is VERY profitable as well!

Final note…

The reason I am providing Bitcoin Swing Signals AND Bitcoin Trend Signals is the trade frequency.  Since the Bitcoin Trend Signals does not trade that often, it is nice to have the Bitcoin Swing Signals as well so subscribers can get in on some trading opportunities.  This is why I recommend trading BOTH signals packages (on separate accounts of course).

I hope you have enjoyed the Bitcoin Quick Start Guide and learned something useful.  But more importantly, I hope you see what a tremendous opportunity trading Bitcoin is… and take action so you can start using the Bitcoin Signals.

Edward Lomax

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