Forex Investing Live Is Now Happy To Accept Bitcoin

Forex Investing Live Is Now Happy To Accept Bitcoin

Forex Investing Live Now Accepts Bitcoin!

A few weeks ago, we added different payment packages for Forex Investing Live signals…

  • Monthly Membership: $49 a month
  • 6 Month Membership: $245 every 6 months (1 MONTH FREE)
  • Yearly Membership: $441 every 12 months (3 MONTHS FREE)

And we have now just added the option to pay with Bitcoin, with our biggest Discount yet…

  • Bitcoin Yearly Membership: $392 every 12 months (4 MONTHS FREE)

Why did we decide to accept Bitcoin?

I’m not one of the fastest to jump on a new bandwagon.  For example, when Binary Options became very popular, I checked it out and  decided to stay away.  The truth is, I just did not like the risk to reward ratio for Binary Options and trying to be profitable strictly by having an excellent win rate goes against my trading philosophy.

There has been a lot of negative things that happened in the Binary Options world, so I am glad I stayed away.

When Bitcoin came on the scene, I did not immediately embrace it.  So, no, I am not one of those early adopters that made millions investing in Bitcoin.  But after researching more about it, I decided Bitcoin was something I definitely wanted to become involved in.

The potential profit is just too good to ignore.

As is my custom, once I figure things out for myself, I like to teach others.  The course and trading strategy (Bitcoin Investing Live and the Bitcoin Swing Strategy), I am working on now will be the result of my research and experience in the world of Bitcoin.

I thought that if I am really going to embrace Bitcoin, I should make paying for my services in Bitcoin an option.  This is the best way I can think of to show support and confidence in Bitcoin.

If you are interested in joining Forex Investing Live, you can now do so using Bitcoin.  Due to the nature of Bitcoin, only yearly memberships are available.  (At this time I don’t have a way to automate a subscription, so I have to do everything by hand… and that is why only yearly memberships are available for Bitcoin payment).

But if you do decide to use Bitcoin to pay for your yearly payment, you get a BIG discount of 4 MONTHS FREE!

Click Here To Learn More About Subscribing With Bitcoin

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