Forex Investing Live Signals FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions


General Questions

Why Forex?

  • The currency market is the largest financial market in the world with over $3 trillion per day being traded. This amount of market volume allows for greater price stability.
  • Trading costs are relatively low since you pay the spread value. This varies between broker and currency pair traded, but is usually very reasonable compared to high commissions involved with trading stocks.
  • Low margin requirements means you can trade with an amount several times larger than your account balance. For example, 1:100 leverage means you control 100,000 of currency for only $1000 in your account. Keep in mind that increased profit potential can also mean increased risk.
  • Profit can be made in either rising or falling markets as you can buy or sell a currency pair without any penalties.
  • Ease and low cost to get started. It is very easy to set up and fund an account with a broker and with mini and micro accounts you can get started with a low amount of money.

Do I need prior knowledge or special skills to trade Forex Investing Live Signals?

The short answer is… NO.

The only skills or abilities you need to trade Forex Investing Live Signals are:

  • The ability to open and fund a Forex broker account
  • The ability to place orders
  • The ability to use proper money management
  • The discipline to spend less than 10 minutes a trading day placing and managing the trades

The most challenging aspect of using Forex Investing Live Signals is the necessity to adopt the proper traders mindset. Successful trading is an exercise in accepting and managing loss. That is right, every trading system suffers losses. As a trader, you must understand and accept that there are going to be losing trades. There will be losing streaks. There will be losing months. The trick is to weather these storms and take a long term view of your trading.

Over time, the losses don’t matter as long as your long term goals are being met. Therefore, you should not focus on short term results at the expense of long term profits. (By that we mean, you don’t want to freak out over a couple of losses and prematurely abandon the signals only to lose out on the potentially large, long term gains).

If you have prior trading experience it is easier to adopt the proper trader’s mindset. If you are an inexperienced or novice trader, you are going to have to learn how to approach using the signals as a real trader, even though you are not making the trading decisions. This only comes with time and experience and by placing the trades as instructed no matter what. You would be best served to dedicate yourself to using the signals without fail for 3-6 months while you gain the experience necessary to develop the proper trader’s mindset.

That is the true path to Forex trading success and the wealth creation you seek.

Do I need any special trading tools?

NO. The only thing you need is a Forex broker account, a platform to place the trades and an Internet connection. You can use ANY broker and platform since you are placing the trades manually.

What broker and trading platform should I use?

That is completely up to you. Since you are placing the trades manually on the broker platform, you can use any broker you like. You can also use any platform (Metatrader4, Ninja Trader, Tradestation, etc.), as long as you can place orders and manage your trades by moving your stop loss.

Do I need a dedicated broker account for these signals?

It is highly recommended you trade each signals package on a dedicated account for those signals. From a money management standpoint, placing more trades than the signals would most likely lead to over-trading your account and putting too much money at risk at any given time.

How much money do I need to fund my account?

That depends on your broker. Some brokers allow you to open accounts with a small amount like $250. Others have higher requirements. Due take note that the size of your account will effect your money management and potential profits using the signals. We suggest a minimum account of $1000 – $2000.


Signals Questions

Do you provide a trade copier?

NO. The signals must be place on your trading account manually.

How do I get the signals?

Manual Trading: The signals are updated on the website inside the member’s area by 5:30 PM NY time every trading day. Just log into the member’s area to get the updated signals for the trading day. This avoids delayed, misplaced or undelivered emails and SMS.

When are the signals available?

ALL signals are generated at the same time every day… between 5 PM – 5:30 PM New York Time. Therefore, the signals will be updated on the website no later than 5:30 PM New York Time. Keep in mind that you can place the trades any time after you get the signals, as long as price is around the level we placed the trade, or better.


What days do I get the signals?

Signals are delivered on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

There are no signals on Friday, as these are end-of-day signals and the market closes on Friday.

Do you provide signals all year long?

Basically, YES.

The only time signals will not be available is around major holidays (like Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years). During this time there are days when the market is closed as well as lower trading volume which makes trading too risky. It is best to stay out of the market during these times.

Some trades might still be running during these times, and we will still manage them.  But new trades might not be taken.

How long does it take to place the trades?

Placing the trades requires plugging in the Entry, Stop Loss and Take Profit as well as the Lot size. This should not take more than 10 minutes to complete for all the signals. For most traders, the orders can be placed in less than 5 minutes.

To make placing the trades even easier, we use a trading tool for MT4 called Trader On Chart.

Do I get emails with intraday modification instructions?

NO. These signals are 100% set and forget style. Once the trade is placed, you do not have to do anything until the designated time the next trading day. Therefore, you will not receive any instructions to modify the trades.

What currencies do I get signals for?

We offer 2 signals packages here at Forex Investing Live: Forex End Of Day Signals and Set And Forget Forex Signals.  You get access to BOTH.

Forex End Of Days Signals trades EURUSD, GBPUSD, EURGBP, USDCAD and USDCHF currency pairs.

Set And Forget Signals trades EURUSD, GBPUSD, EURJPY, USDCAD and USDCHF currency pairs.

What are the maximum stop loss values for the signals?

All signals have a starting stop loss of 200 pips.  The signals are generated off the Daily charts, so we have to give price room to move around.

What is the risk to reward ratio for the signals?

We understand the importance of the risk to reward ratio for long term success.  Both our signals packages have starting take profit levels of 1000 pips.  Basically, we are giving the trades plenty of room to run in our favor.

The trades are either closed manually or close due to hitting a Trailing Stop.  There are a lot of trades that move well over 200 pips.  Overall, the risk to reward ratio works out to be well over 1:1.  (This is a great sign of a winning trading strategy).

How many signals do I get each trading day?

We provide signals for both signals packages every trading day.  However, there will be some times when you are “Waiting For Setup” where we are not in the market for that currency pair.  So, basically, you will get signals for 5 currency pairs for 2 packages, but that does not mean you will have 10 signals every day.

Sometimes you are out of the market for a currency pair.  And sometimes you are in a trade and only have to manage the trade by following the instructions.

Can you show me an example of the trade signals?

Here is a snapshot of an Example Forex End Of Day Signal:

Example Forex End Of Day Signal

Here is a snapshot of an Example Set And Forget Forex Signal:

Example Set And Forget Forex Signal

As you can see, the signals are delivered as snapshots of our charts.  You will see all the instructions you need to place and manage the trade written directly on the chart snapshot.  Just follow the instructions for the day and you are done!

When do I place the signals on my broker account?

You place the signals around 5:30 PM New York Time. The signals are updated inside the member’s area by 5:30 PM New York Time and therefore you should place the orders as closely to this time as possible.

Since you are not placing the trades at the EXACT time we are, there will be slight differences in the price we enter trades and the price you enter trades.  Sometimes this even means you get in at a BETTER price than we do.  You just need to try to enter the trade as close to the price we do as possible.

What ORDER TYPE do I use to place the trades?

You will be placing MARKET ORDERS.  When you get a signal to BUY, you will place a BUY market order.  When you get a signal to SELL, you will place a SELL market order.

We are not using Pending Orders for these signals.

How long are the signals valid for?

The signals are valid until the same time the next trading day.  As long as you can place the trade around the level we do, the trade signal is valid.

What do I do with open trades on the next day of trading?

If you place a trade and come back the next day, all you need to do is follow the instructions on the chart.

  • A lot of times there will be nothing to do and you just stay in the trade.
  • Sometimes you will be asked to move your stop loss in order to eliminate risk or lock in profit.
  • Sometimes you will be asked to manually close the trades.

Just follow the instructions on the chart snapshot.

Do I close trades on Friday afternoon?

Forex End Of Day Signals are Short-Medium Term signals and Set And Forget Forex Signals are Medium-Long Term signals.  This means we will be holding trades over the weekend.

There is NO TRADING ACTIVITY on Friday.  You will not be asked to place trades or manage trades on Friday as the market is closed at our trading time.  Any action resulting from Friday’s price action will be taken on Sunday when the market opens again.  (Once you trade on Thursday, you are done until Sunday… so enjoy your long weekend).

Are all your signals winners?

Absolutely not. There are no trading systems that win all the time. Losing trades is just a part of participating in the currency markets. There will be losing trades. Your job as a trader is not to let inevitable losses divert you from the path of disciplined trading and long term profits.

Will I get the exact same pip results you do?

Due to the fact there is no central bank controlling Forex, brokers have slightly different price feeds, different spreads and different degrees of slippage (the difference between when you want to get into the market and when you order is actually filled). In the vast majority of cases, these small differences do not make any difference to the trade results.

These discrepancies are broker issues, not signal issues.

Since we are not placing the trades at the EXACT price levels, it is likely results will vary a little bit.  But since we are going after 100’s of pips, these small price differences (either for or against you), will not make much difference to the overall performance of the signals.

On rare occasion, it might be possible for these slight pip differences (spread, entry price, etc.), to cause a signal to hit a stop on our account and not yours, or vice versa.  This would be the only occasion for there to be a major difference in performance.  But this would be vary rare, and in my opinion not destroy the overall performance of the signals.

I just wanted to bring this to your attention.


Money Management Questions

How much money can I make?

How much money you make depends on the size of your account and the money management system you use to determine lot sizes. Theoretically, someone with a large account will be using bigger lot sizes than someone with a small account. This means they will potentially make more profits or have more losses in terms of dollars, even though the pips gained or lost are the same.

How much you make is determined by the signals performance, your account balance and lot size used, so it is impossible to say beforehand how much each individual will make.

What lot size should I use?

The lot size you use is determined by the money management strategy you use. Some people like to trade using a Fixed Lot for each trade.  Some people like to trade a certain percent of their account on each trade.  There are also advanced money management strategies.

The risk you use on your account is a personal choice and depends on your risk tolerance, trading experience, account size, trading personality, etc.

Successful Forex trading is a way to grow wealth over time, it is not a get get quick scheme.  Keep your trading on the conservative side, especially in the beginning.  The Rule Of Thumb is to be able to place trades and let them run without stress.  If you are nervous at the time of placing the trades, or the trades are keeping you up at night… you should reduce your risk.

Forex trading should be something you do stress free in the background of your life.  It should not consume your every thought and have you worrying about every trade’s outcome.

What money management strategy do YOU use when trading the signals?

We have found that using the % per trade money management system works best for us. Basically we risk the same percentage of our account on every trade.

We make sure to use a trading account with MICRO LOTS activated so we can use the lot size closest to what the formula dictates.

The % per trade for you depends on your risk appetite.  It is a good idea to think about the TOTAL potential risk per ACCOUNT.  In other words, how much risk do you want to take if you placed ALL the trades on the account.  For example, if you say you are comfortable with risk 10% of your account at any one given time… you would risk 2% per trade.  (2% x 5 trades = 10% total risk).

Our advice is to start small and then re-evaluate your risk once you get more experience trading the signals.


Administration Questions

Do you have a trial offer?

YES.  We offer a FREE 14 day trial of the signals.

Join our Premium Member’s Area and get ALL the signals from both the Forex End Of Day Signals and the Set And Forget Forex Signals packages.  This is full, unrestricted access.

After 14 days, if you decide to stay, you will be charged a small fee of $49 a month, until cancelled.

IMPORTANT:  You have 14 days to trial the signals.  If you feel you do not want to continue with the signals, just cancel before 14 days and you will be charged NOTHING.  However, if you stay, you will be charged a non-refundable fee of $49 a month.  You can cancel at any time… no long contracts.

The main purpose of the trial is to see if you can trade the signals correctly.  Do the signals come out at a time where you can trade them easily, without disrupting your lifestyle too much?  Are you comfortable trading the signals as they are instructed?  That is the kind of questions you should look to answer with the trial.

I would warn you about making your decision to stay or leave the signals service based strictly on the results you get over 14 days.  14 days is not really a long enough time to decided if the signals are profitable or not.  Trading Forex is a long term activity, and you should focus on long term results.

How fast do I gain access to the member’s area?

Immediately. After you go through the sign up process, you’ll be sent an email with instructions to finish your registration. Once registered, you can log in and gain access to the member’s area and the signals.

How do I enter the member’s area?

Go to the Member’s Login Page and enter your details. Details are provided after you go through the subscription process.

How much do your signals cost?

FREE for the first 14 days, then $49 per month.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes. You can cancel your subscription at any time. Once your subscription is cancelled, you will no longer have access to the member’s area and the signals, and you will no longer be charged.

Do you have a refund policy?

You have a full 14 days to trial the signals.  If during that time you cancel your subscription, you will be charged NOTHING.  So, basically, if you decide not to stay, there is no money to refund.  This is a 100% risk free way for you to test out the signals and find out if you can trade them properly.

If you do not cancel with the 14 day trial, you will be charged a non-refundable $49 a month, until you cancel.

How do I contact you?

Use the Contact Page.

Take The 14 Day Free Trial


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