An Unorthodox Method For Inexperienced Traders To Master Forex

An Unorthodox Method For Inexperienced Traders To Master Forex

Many people getting involved in Forex are faced with a conundrum.  How can they master something as complex as Forex trading when they don’t have any experience?  There are so many ways to look at Forex trading.  So many strategies and trading techniques.  How are they to learn it all?

The simple answer is to gain experience with ONE trading method. Only through experience can you master a trading strategy. And you only need one winning strategy to profit as a Forex trader.

That usually is the problem.

In my experience running a signals service and talking to a lot of at-home traders, most traders never stick with anything long enough to get any real experience trading it. Once they get a few losing trades, they move on to something else and have to start the whole process of gaining experience all over again.

In order to master any trading strategy, you have to stick with it and trade it over and over again for a long period of time. Mastering Forex is just like mastering any other worthwhile activity… it takes time.

There are no shortcuts.

An Unorthodox Method For Mastering Forex Trading

Here is a way to use a Forex signals service to master a Forex trading strategy.  Sounds weird… but it works.

You first need to get in the habit of fitting Forex trading into your life.  The easiest way would be to use a signals service like Forex Investing Live. Signals come out at the same time every day and only take about 5–10 minutes to trade. This starts the process of getting into the habit of trading systematically day after day.

On day 50, subscribers get access to a trading course and strategy they can learn to trade on their own. (Forex SOS Course & U-Boat FX Strategy).  It also trades at the same times as the signals. So, since the subscribers are already in the habit of trading at that time of day by using the signals… they only need to spend a few more minutes a day to learn how to trade on their own by following the trading strategy.

Over time, the trader will master U-Boat FX trading technique.

So, if you are inexperienced, you need to gain experience with ONE trading style or strategy. No jumping around.  This means making trading a habit and doing the same thing day after day.

By using the signals service to get in the habit of trading, and then learning a trading strategy that is traded at the same time… the subscriber can actually master a trading strategy and become an independent trader.

The Added Benefit Of Using Forex Investing Live To Master Forex

Here is some more good news.

Obviously, the intention of the signals here at Forex Investing Live is to be profitable long term.  And that is also the goal of the U-Boat FX Strategy.  But the strategy for the signals and the U-Boat FX Strategy are completely different.

This means you can diversify your trading by using BOTH the signals and the strategy to participate in the Forex market.


On day 2o of subscribing to Forex Investing Live, members gain access to our Forex “Money That Matters” Course.  In the course, I go over something called “Portfolio Franchising”.  Trading both the signals and the U-Boat strategy would be an excellent way to put this concept into practice.


I know it sounds strange to propose using a Forex signals service in order to become an independent Forex trader.  But the way Forex Investing Live is set up… that is exactly what can happen.

If the “conventional” ways of learning to trade Forex have not worked for you so far (courses, videos, books, strategies, indicators, etc.), isn’t it time to try something unconventional?

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