Another Good Month At Forex Investing Live 558 And 440 Pips

Another Good Month At Forex Investing Live (+558 and +440 Pips)

Another profitable month ends here at Forex Investing Live.  Just goes to show, you can still make some nice profits during the summer trading months.  Here is a breakdown of what happened this month:

Forex End Of Day Signals (+558 Pips)

Forex EOD Results - AUG

Only 1 losing trade this month.  And we still pulled out +558 pips of profit out of the market.  Nice trading, and it only took 10 minutes a day.

Set & Forget Forex Signals (+440 Pips)

Set and Forget Results - AUG

No losses at all.  And a nice +440 pips of profits.

As we get ready for Fall Trading, I want to bring something to your attention.  We had some very profitable months over the summer.  With this style of trading, I don’t find it necessary or recommended to stop trading during the summer months.  For more on this topic, read this blog post: Should Forex Traders Take The Summer Months Off?

Forex Investing Live allows you to fit profitable Forex trading into your busy lives.  Forex trading can be in the background of your life and completed in 5-10 minutes a day… instead of consuming every waking hour of your lives.  That is what makes the profits made trading the signals even sweeter.

Check it out for yourselves by taking our Free 14 Day Trial.

There are still 4 months left in the year.  Are you going to sit on the sidelines and miss out on all the potential profits Forex Investing Live can bring?

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