OVER 90 Win Rate Since Beginning Of June To Sept. 21Almost 4 Full Months

Beware: Over 90% Win Rate Over About 4 Months Of Trading

We have been having quite a good run here at Forex Investing Live over about the past 4 months.  Of course this is good news… but it should be a warning as well.

Since the beginning of June until Sept. 21, Forex End Of Day Signals has placed 31 trades.  29 of those trades were winners and only 3 trades were losers.  This is a 93.5% win rate.

Since the beginning of June until Sept. 21, Set & Forget Forex Signals has placed 25 trades.  23 of those trades were winners and only 2 trades were losers.  This is a 92% win rate.

Hey, when the market and the strategy are in tune, great things are possible.  And we are very happy with these results… as are our faithful subscribers.

So… why should over 90% win rate be cause for warning?

We are very honest here.  We always say, some months will be better than others and there will be losing months along the way.  And this is true.

So, when we get a run of almost 4 months of trading with very few losses (which has just happened), we don’t want to become overconfident.  And with losses so few and far between (on BOTH signals packages), it is easy to drop your guard and start expecting every trade to be a winner.

This could lead to a few problems…

Problem 1: For example, you could increase your risk too much because you are expecting to win on almost every trade.  Yes, we are having a good run of late, I will not deny that.  But we still need to be cautious and keep our risk in check.  Make sure you have a money management plan that controls risk… and stick to the plan.

Problem 2: Another thing that could happen is you could set yourself up for a situation where you become easily disappointment if you get a few losses in a row.  Since we and our subscribers have not had to suffer through many losses lately, expectations could rise to the point of being unrealistic.  And when we have unrealistic expectations, it is easy to become disappointed and forget to take a long term view of trading.

I know it might seem weird that we are throwing a bucket of cold water on our fantastic trading results of late.  But we are in this for the long haul and understand there are ups and downs to trading.  We want our subscribers to enjoy the ups… but be prepared for the downs.

This way we can have a long and profitable relationship, and we can all reach our long term goals.

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