Can Forex Save You From Always Being Poor

Can Forex Save You From Always Being Poor?

I was reading something at MSN Money called 23 Reasons Why You Will Always Be Poor, and it was really eye-opening.  There seem to be a lot more “poor” people than we think.  Can Forex trading be the answer to keep from always being poor?

Look at some of what is said:

Most people manage their money so badly they end up “poor” at the end of the month, even when they have a decent income.  “A third of higher-income households — those that bring in $75,000 or more a year — live paycheck to paycheck, found a recent survey from SunTrust Banks, Inc.”  Most people have a lot of credit card debt and “less than $1000 in their savings account”.

So, even people with a good job and decent salary end up living month to month or beyond their means.  This means there is nothing left over for savings, retirement funds or investing.  People who seem like they should have no financial worries, are only one step away from financial disaster.

If you make less than $75,000 a year, you might find this hard to believe.  The median household income in the U.S. is around $55,000.  So, there are a lot of people making a lot less than $75,000.  But they are not any better off financially that people making a lot less, because they are spending everything they make… and maybe more!

Yes, they might look like they are better off.  They might have more “things”.  But they are really not financially free, or experience the feeling of well-being associated with having your finances in order.

This is only going to get worse when retirement comes along, and they cannot afford their lifestyle on a fixed income.

Now look, I’ll be honest with you.  I did not start saving for retirement in my 20’s and slowly grow wealthy, like most people suggest.  But I did come to the point that I needed to DO SOMETHING if I wanted to have a financially secure future.  For me, the answer was Forex trading.

Here are the reasons I like Forex trading:

I Can Beat Other Investment Markets: I trade in such a way that I beat other investment markets, by a long shot.  This means trading Forex, for me, is the best and most profitable investment I can make. And beating other investment markets means I can make more money in a shorter period of time.

I go over my thoughts on money management and how to make what I call “money that matters” in my Forex “Money That Matters” Course.  This course is available to my subscribers after 20 days of joining.

I Don’t Have To Retire From Forex Trading:  The way I trade only takes about 5-10 minutes a day.  So, as long as I am physically and mentally able, I can trade.  This means I never have to shut off all income and just live off my savings.  It is comforting to know I can still produce income as long as I want.

Now look, in order to keep from being poor and living month to month, it takes more than just Forex trading.  I have to manage my profits from trading so I don’t spend all, or more, of my income.  That is just common sense.

But Forex trading has given me the ability to scale up my profits.  (I also go over this in my Forex “Money That Matters” Course).  I can systematically grow my wealth.  And since I can keep trading by not having to retire, this income can keep coming in for as long as I am able.

So, if you are one of the people who are “poor” at the end of every month, you need to DO SOMETHING.  Will that “something” be Forex trading?  I don’t know.  But you need to do something if you want to have a secure financial future.

For me, Forex trading was the answer.  For you it might be something else.  But if you are serious about securing your financial future and want to take a shortcut to Forex profits, take my 14 Day Free Trial at Forex Investing Live.


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