Brexit Fears

Even With Brexit Fears: +1792 Pips At Forex Investing Live Signals

Great trading this month in spite of the Brexit fears… or because of them?

A lot of subscribers here at Forex Investing Live and potential subscribers have been worrying about the Brexit decision and how that will impact trading.  Some subscribers actually left our service early this month due to this big news event.  Some have said they are holding off joining until afterwards.

This fear of the news has been fueled by people teaching Day Trading Strategies.  Our policy is that news moves the markets… and we want to be in the markets when they move.  And since we are trading off the Daily time frame here, a lot of time the news moves the market in our intended direction.

Here is what has happened so far this month:

Forex End Of Day Signals

  • (6/7) EURGBP: Trail Stop Hit @ +10 Pips
  • (6/9) EURUSD: Trail Stop Hit @ +125 Pips
  • (6/9) USDCHF: Manual Close @ +231 Pips
  • (6/13) GBPUSD: Manual Close @ +209 Pips
  • (6/19) GBPUSD: Manual Close @ +272 Pips
  • (6/19) USDCAD: Manual Close @ +63 Pips
  • (6/20) EURGBP: Manual Close @ +191 Pips

That’s a nice 7 trade win streak for +1101 pips!

Set & Forget Forex Signals

  • (6/2) EURJPY: Stop Loss Hit @ -200 Pips
  • (6/3) GBPUSD: Trail Stop Hit @ +70 Pips
  • (6/9) EURUSD: Trail Stop Hit @ +120 Pips
  • (6/10) EURJPY: Stop Loss Hit @ -200 Pips
  • (6/13) USDCAD: Trail Stop Hit @ +215 Pips
  • (6/16) USDCHF: Trail Stop Hit @ +210 Pips
  • (6/17) USDCAD: Trail Stop Hit @ +10 Pips
  • (6/20) GBPUSD: Manual Close @ +466 Pips

Not perfect.  But a nice +691 Pip gain for these signals.

So, all in all, we are having a very good month here at Forex Investing Live.  A lot of those pips were gained due to the upcoming Brexit announcement and how it moved the market beforehand.

Now, we are not reckless here.  As brokers are warning of high volatility and making changes to their leverage and margin requirements, we understand the impact this news event can have on the markets.  Therefore, we have taken a conservative stance on trading over the next week or so.  We are currently flat on most of our positions.  But it feels nice to be conservative after already banking a combined +1792 Pips for the month… don’t you think.

Trading Forex is a long term endeavor.  And over the long term, there will be big news events along the way.  And big news events don’t necessarily have to be a bad thing.

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