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Forex Investing Live March Results: +2479 Pips For EOD and S&F Signals

Forex Investing Live had a great month in March.  Forex End Of Day Signals banked +1266 pips and Set and Forget Forex Signals banked +1213 pips.  That is a total of +2479 pips between the two signals packages!

Here at the service we talk about the “Profit Geyser Concept”.  Basically, we understand there will be good months, OK months, mediocre months, losing months and also EXCELLENT MONTHS.  These excellent months, which we call Profit Geysers, are what allows your trading account to explode in profits and take the account to a higher level very quickly.

Let’s look at the trading results (in pips) for the Forex End Of Day Signals since 2015:

See the Profit Geysers?

Now let’s look at the trading results (in pips) for the Set & Forget Forex Signals since 2015:

As you can see, for the most part, our pips gains go up.  But every once in a while there is a Profit Geyser that pushes our pips numbers up in an explosive fashion.

How do our subscribers catch a Profit Geyser?  That’s easy.  They just keep trading our signals as instructed month after month!

Since nobody knows when the next Profit Geyser will come… trading the signals over the long term is the only way to ensure catching one.

Now let’s look at the trading results for March 2017…

Forex End Of Day Signals

That is +1266 pips of profit… with NO LOSSES!

Set & Forget Forex Signals

That is +1213 pips of profits… with NO LOSSES!

Look… I am not saying these “perfect” trading months happen all the time.  But they do happen.  And when they do… we have a Profit Geyser.  But the best part of it is… our subscribers who are following our signals ALSO have a Profit Geyser!

In March, we banked +2479 pips with these 2 signals packages.  And we did it in less than 10 minutes a day.  Does that sound like something you might like to experience?

If so… Take A Free Trial!

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