What Is The Forex Investing Live  Profit Geyser Concept

What Is The Forex Investing Live “Profit Geyser Concept”?

Unsuccessful traders think they can find a trading system that works equally well in ALL market conditions.  They want to make the same amount of profits regardless of whether the markets are ranging or trending.  They want predictable profits in both markets with high volatility and markets that are barely moving.

Well sorry, it just does not work like that.  You can only take what the markets give you.  And thinking you are going to make predictable profits month after month trading one trading system is just not logical.

The truth is, the system you trade will work better in some market conditions than others.  When the markets are “in tune” with your system, it will feel like you can do no wrong and the profits are impressive.  However, when the market is “out of tune” with your system, you are in for a frustrating experience that will have you questioning everything about your trading.

Stop looking for the perfect trading system for all trading conditions…  because it does not exist.  Understanding this from the beginning helps you stick to your plan even when things don’t go your way.  If you don’t stick with the strategy through thick and thin, you will miss out on one of the most rewarding events for a Forex trader, both emotionally and financially.

I call this the Profit Geyser Concept.

What Is The Forex “Profit Geyser Concept”?

When you trade over the long term you will experience times of growth, consolidation and drawdown.  But the good news is the times of growth can be quite explosive.  When the strategy you are trading is in tune with the market, the profits come fast and furious.  It is like a geyser of profits, and experiencing a “Profit Geyser” is very exciting, and frankly makes trading Forex fun and satisfying.

It is also what makes trade over the long term a profitable enterprise.

When everything is going your way, you can rack up some very impressive profits, very quickly.  And it are these times that are the most fulfilling for a trader.  They are also the times responsible for the overall profitability of the system you are trading.

So how can you make sure you experience a Profit Geyser?

  • Trade a system with an edge that looks to take the profits the market wants to give, when it wants to give them.
  • Take every trading opportunity, through up, sideways and even down months.
  • Understand that a handful of months every year are going to have record breaking and unusually high gains.
  • Trade consistently over the long term so you never miss a Profit Geyser.

Important:  A lot of traders abandon a strategy when it hits a consolidation or drawdown period.  They are looking for a strategy that works better for the market conditions they are currently in.  But then they miss the next Profit Geyser from the strategy they were trading.  And it is exactly the Profit Geysers that make trading profitable.

To make matters worse, once they see the Profit Geyser they missed, then return to the original strategy just in time for the next consolidation or drawdown period.  This leads to abandoning the strategy again… and missing the next Profit Geyser.

You must commit to trading through all market conditions and not abandoning the strategy if you want to profit from the next profit geyser the market gives you.  This is one of the secrets of trading success a lot of people don’t talk about.  But it is essential for your success.

If you look at the results of Forex Investing Live Signals you will see that some months are better than others.  There are even some losing months along the way.  But there are also some spectacular, stand-out months we call Profit Geysers.

Everyone, myself included, wishes every month can be a Profit Geyser month.  But that is just not realistic.  But they do come along and take your profits to a whole new level.

If you want to experience a Profit Geyser for yourself, you need to commit to long term trading.  There will be losing months.  There will be months with small profits.  And then there will be those months where our strategy is “in-tune” with the markets and we rack up some impressive profits.

It is just a matter of being consistent, patient and trading the signals as instructed.

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