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Forex Investing Live Signals: Subscriber Perspective

One of the most difficult things about running a Forex signals service is PERSPECTIVE.  Everyone looks at the trading performance through their own eyes and based on when they join the service.  This means MY perspective on recent trading results is VERY DIFFERENT than the perspective of a subscriber that just joined.

Let me illustrate…

Here are the trading results for the Forex End Of Day Signals from 2015 until now…


That is a total of +13,004 pips banked!

Here are the trading results for the Set & Forget Forex Signals from 2015 until now…


That is a total of +14,008 pips banked!

If you were trading both signals packages,
that would be a combined total of +27,012 Pips!

So, that is MY perspective.  I’ve banked over 27,000 pips into my trading accounts with my trade calls.  Compare that to ZERO pips banked by a new subscriber.  That is a VERY DIFFERENT perspective.

Why Perspective Matters

There are 3 things that can happen to your account when trading… Growth, Consolidation and Drawdown.  Your account will either go up, go sideways or go down.  And if you trade long enough, you will experience ALL these things in your account, over and over again.

When a new subscriber joins my service, Forex Investing Live, they are looking for validation they made the right decision.  And the easiest way to do that is to have some winning trades.  If they immediately start winning… they will be much more likely to stick with the service.

But what happens if they join during a consolidation period?

Or worse, what happens if they join during a drawdown period?

That’s right.  They will be much more likely to abandon the service.  (The same service that has banked over 27,000 pips).

You see, it is all a matter of perspective.  When I see a few losing trades, I don’t panic.  If I go through a consolidation or drawdown period… it is no big deal.  I’ve already banked over 27,000 pips, so losses or unprofitable periods really don’t mean all that much to me in the grand scheme of things.

My PERSPECTIVE is trading the trade calls over the long term is very profitable.

But what about someone who just joined?  Do they feel the same?  I dare say “no”.  Without a cushion of a lot of banked pips in their account, a few losses can seem unbearable.

How To Gain The Proper Perspective For Success

The only way to get the proper perspective about using the signals is to take a long term view right from the start.  Sorry, there is no shortcut here.  Only real experience and trading the signals long enough to get a “pip cushion” will help you gain the proper perspective.

The difficult part of this is the fact subscribers do not know beforehand what is going to happen when they join the service. 

  • Will they join and enjoy a growth period? 
  • Will they suffer through frustrating consolidation? 
  • Will they immediately see infuriating losses in their account?

Nobody can see the future… so nobody knows.

So, new subscribers must be prepared for anything.  They need to understand trading Forex, and possibly banking over 27,000 pips in their accounts over time, means you need to be able to trade through all trading conditions.  You just have to keep trading… through growth, consolidation and drawdown.  (All those periods were experienced during the time it took to bank those 27,000 pips).

New subscribers are much more likely to focus on short term events.  They are looking at each trade, and its outcome, to validate the decision to join the service.  And that can lead to a situation where they are much more likely to prematurely abandon the service (even when it has the potential to make excellent long term gains).

Long term subscribers, who have already banked some nice pips and have a “pip cushion”, are much more likely to focus on the long term.  They have already experienced different trading conditions and know pushing forward is the only way not to sabotage their future possible gains.

Here is what one long term subscriber said…

“Just a quick note to say that I am very satisfied with the signal
service thus far and I am so grateful to have found Forex Investing
Live. I have been guilty of all the usual FX ‘sins’ over many years,
but I truly believe that your service will finally put me on the path
to success. I have just completed the ‘MMTM’ course and all I can say

The MMTM he mentions is the Forex “Money That Matters” Course that subscribers get after 20 days of joining.

Here is what another long term subscriber said…

Firstly, thanks for a great service. Very good results last month and this month looking great. I noted that with both End of Day & Set & Forget taken together, the service has not had a losing month in 2015 and 2016 to date.

I just want to say that yes, I was a little hasty when I subscribed before and did not give the signals time to work. Let’s put it down to my lack of experience at that time.

I do hope that you will be providing this service for many years to come and that you are much younger than me and in very good health. Also, please take care when crossing the road.

You know you must be doing something right when people are worried about your health!

In conclusion…

I have a perspective of trading based on over 27,000 pips being banked already.  This means I don’t get nervous or excited about short term results.  I understand there will be losses, losing streaks and even losing months along the way.  That is just part of trading.

New subscribers do not have this luxury.  They are just getting started and are much more likely to focus too much on short term performance.  Since two out of three trading conditions (consolidation and drawdown) are negative , they are much more likely to prematurely abandon the service and forfeit all potential future gains.

New subscribers need to be aware of this obstacle and prepare themselves to surpass it.  The ONLY way to become a long term, successful Forex trader is to get to the point where you have a long term PERSPECTIVE of trading.  This means trading through ALL market conditions and building up a “pip cushion” so short term results don’t mean all that much.

Would you abandon a trading strategy that banked you over 27,000 pips in less than two years just because of a few losing trades?  I wouldn’t.  But a lot of new subscribers might.  That mistake is what I am trying to get subscribers to avoid.

If you want to learn more about what to look for in a Forex signals service AND what your responsibilities are, please take my Free Forex Signals Success Course.

If you feel you can take a long term view of trading, I invite you to take a Free 14 Day Trial of Forex Investing Live.

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