How To Copy Your Way To Forex Success

How To Copy Your Way To Forex Success

The fastest way to succeed as a Forex trader is to copy the success of other traders that are already successful.

Since I run a Forex signals service, the obvious answer to being able to copy your way to Forex success would be to use Forex Investing LiveHowever, that answer is really too simplistic.  If there is one thing I’ve learned from years of running a signals service it’s this: It takes much more than just profitable Forex signals for someone to become a Forex success.

I know, I know.  This is not what you hear from Forex marketers out there.  They want you to believe success in Forex is easy (if you buy their product).  I take a different approach and tell my subscribers what they NEED to hear… not necessarily what they WANT to hear.

Here is the truth…

Not everyone who joins my service is successful.  I myself find it hard to believe given the positive results we have had over the years.  A lot of people just don’t stick with it long enough to reap the rewards of the signals.

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My conclusion is:

Signals alone are not enough to make a person successful in Forex
(even when the signals produce positive pips over the long term)

So, what is it then?

What makes it possible for one person to be successful using Forex Investing Live Signals while others fail?

I would argue there are HIDDEN LESSONS the successful people are learning as part of being involved with the service.

The Hidden Lessons Learned By Copying Our Forex Success

Some things you can learn very easily by just reading an article or watching an instructional video.  For example, the process of using the Forex Investing Live signals service is very straightforward and can be learned easily. 

Here are some things you need to learn if you don’t already know them:

  • How to register to the site
  • How to login to the site
  • How to navigate the site to reach the signals dashboards
  • How to calculate your lot size
  • How to place a trade on your trading platform with correct stop loss and take profit levels
  • How to move your stop loss to breakeven, or to lock in profits
  • How to manually close a trade

You see, pretty straightforward stuff that most people already know how to do just by navigating the Internet or from their past experience in the Forex market.

  • But what about being able to think and act like a professional trader? 
  • What about controlling your emotions when real money is on the line under live market conditions? 
  • What about dealing with the inevitable loss?

These are things that are best learned by observing, watching and analyzing someone who is already successful.  You can learn a lot just by paying attention to what people DO in certain situations.  And if you apply what they DO to your own behavior… it won’t be long before YOUR behavior copies success.

There is no better way to gain experience that leads to success than by copying someone who is already successful.  This is where the hidden lessons show themselves.

Here are some of the HIDDEN LESSONS you can learn just by being a member of Forex Investing Live and following the signals:

Consistency:  In order to succeed as a Forex trader you need to be consistent.  You need to do one thing over and over again and master it.  Jumping from one trading strategy to the next and constantly changing your trading rules is not the path to long term success.

When you follow the signals at Forex Investing Live, you will see how consistent we are.  Every trading day we trade according to our trading rules at the same time… and update our signals for our subscribers.  This is the kind of consistency our subscribers also need if they are to become successful.

Our successful subscribers subconsciously learn to be consistent.

Patience:  We are trading off the Daily charts looking for the best and strongest setups.  Sometimes we need to be patient and wait for the right setup to develop.  (We are not providing low quality signals just to deliver more signals).  And even when we get into a trade, sometimes they last for days or even weeks.

Following our signals methodology at Forex Investing Live, you can also learn the value of being patient.  You don’t always need to be in the market.  And even when you are in the market, sometimes you must be patient and wait for the big profits to come.

Our successful subscribers subconsciously learn to be patient.

Discipline:  The only way to be successful is to have a disciplined approach to trading and to stick to the trading rules no matter what.  There will be times when the market does not go our way and there are losses or even losing streaks.  There will also be times when we win a lot and it seems as if we can do no wrong.

No matter what, we must stick to the rules.  When times are bad we need to stick to the rules.  When times are good we need to stick to the rules.  Even when the market seems very slow and boring, we need to stick to the rules.

Our successful subscribers subconsciously learn to be disciplined.

Now I know, people don’t like to talk about success in terms like consistency, patience and disciple.  It all makes things sound so hard.  And nobody whats to do anything hard, right?

But I want more people to be successful using Forex Investing Live Signals.  And my past experience tells me the people who are successful get much more from the service than just profitable Forex signals.  The successful people also learn the HIDDEN LESSONS of consistency, patience and discipline while copying our success.

So, if you want profitable Forex signals, great.  Join Forex Investing Live.

But if you want to succeed using the signals over the long run, dedicate yourself to using the signals long enough to learn the hidden lessons of consistency, patience and disciple.  In the end, success as a Forex trader has more to do with consistency, patience and discipline than the actual signals themselves.

You can copy your way to Forex success by using our signals and copying our consistency, patience and discipline.



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