New Payment Options At Forex Investing Live (Discounts Available)

We have just added some different payment options at Forex Investing Live.

We always want to reward subscribers who make a long-term commitment with us.  Therefore, you will see discounts for payment plans with a longer subscription duration.  

Here are the options:

Monthly Subscription: $49 a month.  (Nothing has changed here, and even when we have added to the service, we have not increased the price).

6-Month Subscription: $245 every 6 months.  (Regular price would be $294… so you will getting 1 MONTH FREE).

Yearly Subscription: $441 every 12 months.  (Regular price would be $588… so you will get 3 MONTHS FREE).

Forex Investing Live provides signals that are easy to follow and only take about 10 minutes a trading day.  The signals are produced on the Daily charts and designed to be used over the long-term.  Therefore, these new payment options reward subscribers who make a long-term commitment with us… and is a way we can show our appreciation.


If you are currently a MONTHLY subscriber and you want to change to a 6 MONTH or YEARLY subscriber we have not been able to find a seamless way to do this.  Simply cancelling your subscription with PayPal and signing up again does not work because there is still a profile in our membership site software that will not let you sign up with the same credentials.

Therefore, it you want to change subscription plans, please contact us so we can help you maneuver the change.

Furthermore, if you have previously taken advantage of one of our 6 month or yearly offers, you will be given the chance to renew your subscription at the price you are accustomed to paying when your subscription run outs.


Thanks to all our faithful subscribers, and we hope you enjoy the discounts.

Forex Investing Live Team

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Edward Lomax

Edward LomaxEdward Lomax is a Forex blogger and educator. Originally from the East Coast of the United States, he currently lives in Chile with his wife. CLICK HERE FOR FREE 14 DAY TRIAL OF FOREX INVESTING LIVE SIGNALSView all posts by Edward Lomax

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