UBOAT 2.0 Forex Signals Considerations

With the recent addition of the UBOAT 2.0 Forex Signals inside Forex Investing Live, I feel it necessary to go over a few things.  (If you have not read this blog post, please do so: Additions And Changes To Forex Investing Live).

I want to give subscribers some insight into this new addition, so they can make a more informed decision on HOW to use the UBOAT 2.0 Forex Signals, or even IF they want to use the signals at all.  (Remember, each individual subscriber must decide for themselves the best way to use the service as there are decisions to be made, such as which signals packages to trade, what money management to use, how many accounts to trade, etc.)

First of all, why did I decide to add
UBOAT 2.0 Forex Signals to the service?

In truth, member’s of Forex Investing Live always had access to the original UBOAT strategy.  It is part of the Forex SOS Course.  This means subscribers always had the opportunity to learn the trading strategy and trade it on their own.

But, in conversations with many member’s, I came to the conclusion that not a lot of subscribers (if any), were trading the strategy on their own alongside the other signals given.  This really was my intention from the start.  I thought that since the strategy trades at the same time as the signals, members could spend a few extra minutes a trading day trading the UBOAT strategy on their own.

But that is not really what transpired.

Why It Is A Good Idea To Trade The UBOAT Strategy
Along With The Other Signals?

I know traders are always looking for a trading strategy that works well in ALL market conditions.  But in my experience, trading strategies work better under certain market conditions than they do in others.

For example, Forex End Of Day Signals and Set & Forget Forex Signals work better in ranging, or swinging markets.  However, the strategies do not work so well in strong trending markets.  While you can accumulate a lot of pips in ranging or swinging markets, you end up giving some pips back in strong trending markets.

On the other hand, the UBOAT strategy works best in strong trending markets.  However, it does not work so well in ranging markets.  So, a lot of pips can be accumulated during strong trends, but you end up giving some pips back when the market is ranging.

Now, let me get this out of the way…

We cannot decide to trade the EOD or S&F strategies when we KNOW the markets are going to be ranging… and then switch to the UBOAT strategy when we KNOW the market is going to be trending.  Unless you have super-powers, or a magic crystal ball, you cannot KNOW what the FUTURE market conditions will be.

So, here are your choices…

  • If you are trading a ranging strategy, you can collect your pips in ranging markets and take your lumps in trending markets.  (This is why money management is so important).
  • If you are trading a trending strategy, you can collect your pips in trending markets and take your lumps in ranging markets.  (Again, money management important).
  • OR, you can trade a ranging strategy AND a trending strategy at the same time (on different accounts of course).  This allows you to collect pips in ranging markets and trending markets, as well as give back pips in ranging markets and trending markets.  But as long as you money management is sound, and the strategies are profitable OVER THE LONG TERM… you should come out ahead overall!

Now, subscribers always had to opportunity to diversify the trading by adding the UBOAT strategy taught in the site to their portfolio.  However, like I stated above, I believe not a lot of subscribers were doing so.  So, I added the UBOAT 2.0 Forex Signals to the site to give more people the opportunity to diversify their trading.


I had never considered giving signals off the UBOAT strategy until recently.  The original strategy was made available, and I thought that was that.  However, I have been trading a variation of the strategy myself, along with the other signals packages.

It is this variation that is responsible for the performance results you will see, and the trading signals that come in the future.  That is why I call the signals UBOAT 2.0.

The signals were first made available to subscribers on July 16th.  Any performance or trades taken before then were made on my personal account, but not given out at the time to subscribers.


UBOAT 2.0 Forex Signals Performance So Far For 2017

Obviously, when making a decision to trade signals, subscribers are going to rightly look for past performance results.  Since I have been trading UBOAT 2.0 on my private account, I have those results.  That is what you will see here and the UBOAT 2.0 Signals Performance Page(Results starting in August will be trades that were actually called within the service).

Let me give a breakdown of what happened so far in 2017 so subscribers can be better informed about what it is like trading the UBOAT 2.0 strategy.


  • Total Trades: 14 trades
  • Winners: 7
  • Losers: 7
  • Winning Percentage: 50%
  • Pips: -237


  • Total Trades: 14 trades
  • Winners: 7
  • Losers: 7
  • Winning Percentage: 50%
  • Pips: -174


  • Total Trades: 11 trades
  • Winners: 7
  • Losers: 4
  • Winning Percentage: 63.6%
  • Pips: +911


  • Total Trades: 11 trades
  • Winners: 9
  • Losers: 2
  • Winning Percentage: 81.8%
  • Pips: +125


  • Total Trades: 11 trades
  • Winners: 7
  • Losers: 4
  • Winning Percentage: 63.6%
  • Pips: +78


  • Total Trades: 12 trades
  • Winners: 7
  • Losers: 5
  • Winning Percentage: 58.3%
  • Pips: +656


To see the monthly breakdown, go to the UBOAT 2.0 Signals Performance Page.

Over all, so far this year, trading the UBOAT 2.0 strategy in my private account has made +1359 pips.  And a lot of those pips have come from recently when the market has been trending strongly.  That is exactly what we would have expected, since this strategy works best in trending markets, and not so well in ranging markets.

So, Why Do I Trade UBOAT 2.0?

Do I trade UBOAT 2.0 personally because it always wins and is “better” than EOD or S&F?  No.  To be honest, I PREFER the EOD and S&F strategies.  From experience, I find the markets to be in a ranging behavior more often than in a strong trend.

I trade the UBOAT 2.0, along with EOD and S&F, because…

  • It can be profitable OVER THE LONG TERM.
  • It can add to my portfolio growth.
  • And it can perform “better” than EOD and S&F under certain market conditions.  (When you are losing on one strategy, but winning on the other, it gives you a bright spot to hold on to that can help stay true to the long term commitment of trading).

Should YOU Trade UBOAT 2.0 Forex Signals?

Well, of course, that is up to you.

Subscribers always had to opportunity to trade this kind of strategy, as I made available the original UBOAT strategy inside the member’s area.  By providing the UBOAT 2.0 Forex Signals, I wanted to provide an additional opportunity for subscribers to trade this type of strategy.  Now, whether you want to take advantage of the opportunity, or even see this as an opportunity at all, is up to each individual member.

Remember, this strategy does well in trending markets, but not so well in ranging markets. 

  • Can you as a trader struggle through the ranging times and hold on to collect your pips in trending markets like I have? 
  • Do you have the long term mindset and money management strategy that will allow you to trade this type of strategy? 
  • Can you emotionally handle waiting for trending markets to come along and provide the bulk of your profits?

These are the types of questions you need to answer before you get involved with trading UBOAT 2.0!

In conclusion, I hope this blog post has provided much needed information so member’s can make an informed decision on HOW or IF they want to get involved with the UBOAT 2.0 Signals.  I try to provide information on what I am doing in the most honest and transparent manner… but what YOU decide to do is ultimately up to you.

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