What Is My Pre Trading Routine At Forex Investing Live

What Is My Pre-Trading Routine At Forex Investing Live?

A lot of traders have pre-trading routines they follow to prepare themselves for trading, and the stresses that go along with trading.  These routines include some of the following:

  • Getting a cup of coffee
  • Putting on soothing music
  • Meditating
  • Doing yoga
  • Looking at market news calendars
  • Watching financial “talking heads”
  • Studying the charts and looking at price action
  • Doing weekend market analysis

A lot of these routines are set in place because they are day traders.  They are preparing themselves to spend long hours looking at the charts and making trading decisions on the lower time frames.  And when you are trading on the lower time frames, you need all the help you can get because it can be highly volatile and very stressful.

I on the other hand, have the routine of checking my Internet connection and opening my trading platforms.  That’s it.

You see, I trade off the Daily candles, just once a day. I do not look at news calendars, listen to any talking heads on the news or try to outsmart the market in any way. I don’t spend my weekend studying the market or looking at charts.

I am also not preparing for a marathon trading event where I need to prepare myself for long hours of trading and dealing with the stress of watching every market move. So I don’t need to employ any relaxation techniques.

At the trading time, 5 PM New York, I check my charts and take any actions necessary (open trades, move stop loss, manually close a trade, etc). It all takes about 5–10 minutes. Then I update my signals site at Forex Investing Live.

That’s it. I then shut down my trading platforms until the next day. No advanced trailing stop software or anything that would make me use a VPS. And since there are no actions to be taken until the next day… no need to be looking at the charts. (After all, once the decisions are made, the rest is up to the markets… which I have no control over).

I respect the time and effort a lot of traders put into trading, and the trading routines they have come up with to profit in the markets. But, for me, keeping it simple is the best.

Forex signals users can benefit from simplicity as well.  Even though you are not making the trading decisions yourselves, you still need to deal with the stresses of trading.  If you are using signals that come out any time, day or night, or could be updated at any time… you would most likely need an elaborate trading routine to deal with the time commitment and stress of trading.

However, if you were using signals like the ones we provide here at Forex Investing Live, you would have a very similar “routine” as I employ:

  • Check your Internet connection
  • Open your charts
  • Login to the site around 5:30 PM New York time
  • Perform any trading activities
  • Close your charts

Now that is a trading routine you can do for the long term.

If you want to see what it is like to trade Forex Investing Live signals for yourselves… please take our Free 14 Day Trial.

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