Why You Need The Forex  Money That Matters  Course

Why You Need The Forex “Money That Matters” Course

Recently I’ve added a BONUS at Forex Investing Live for members that have complete 20 days with our service.  It is called the Forex “Money That Matters” Course.  This is not some random bonus.  It is a bonus that can greatly increase the value of the service, and increase the profits our subscribers make with the Forex signals (up to 3 TIMES).

I thought it would be a good idea to share with everyone a small except from the course.  The following is taken directly from the Forex “Money That Matters” Course and explains where the idea for the course came from, and why this is the missing link for most at-home traders necessary to start making significant, meaningful profits through Forex trading.

Where Did The Idea For
The Forex “Money That Matters” Course Come From?

In this lesson I want to go over where the idea for The Forex “Money That Matters” Course came from.  I truly believe this course is the missing piece of the puzzle for most at-home traders to reach the profit goals they seek.  So, it is important to understand WHY it was necessary to create this course in the first place.

This course comes from 2 personal experiences:

  • My own experience learning to become a profitable Forex trader
  • And my experience running a Forex signals service and having contact with hundreds of at-home traders

Let’s first talk about my experience on the path to becoming a profitable Forex trader.

My experience is probably a lot like many of yours.  I became interested in Forex trading because I saw it as a way to make money online.  And I went through the all too familiar process of trying to learn Forex from multiple different sources online, testing hundreds of trading strategies and spending a lot of time, money and energy trying to figure out how to be profitable over the long term.

I was not immediately successful.  Learning to trade profitably was a lot harder than it was made out to be.  But I didn’t give up.  A luckily, I stuck with it long enough to come to some of my own conclusions about how to trade, and was able to put what I learned into a way of trading that is profitable over the long term.

One of the things I did during this learning process was to try to learn from real, professional traders.  After all, if you want to learn something… it is best to learn from the pros, right?  And while I still believe this is a fundamentally sound approach, it did lead to applying money management strategies that made it very hard to reach my profit goals.

It is for this very reason I decided to run a Forex signals service.  I wanted to create additional income I could put into my trading accounts.  Since using the money management practices I learned from pro traders made it hard for me to reach my profit goals with the size accounts I had, I wanted to use the money from the signals service as a way to boost my account size to levels that would create bigger profits.

OK, now lets talk about my experience running the Forex signals service, Forex Investing Live Signals.

In theory, running a Forex signals service is a great way to make recurring income every month.  It seems simple … provide signals that are profitable over time and subscribers will pay you month after month to follow the signals.  And since I’m trading these signals on my own accounts anyway… sharing them with subscribers does not create a lot of additional work.

But in practice, running a Forex signals service is not as easy as it sounds.

To avoid common problems I identified with other signals services, I purposely set up my signals service to be very easy to follow and only require a few minutes a day.  I set the price very low so even traders with small accounts can use the service.  And I even provide a Free 14 Day Trial so potential subscribers can see what they are getting before they join.  So, using the service should not present any problems to subscribers.

But the most important thing are the signals themselves.  The signals need to be profitable if subscribers are going to stay.  And I’m happy to report that the trading has been very good… producing a lot of positive pips over time.

So, you would think the MAJORITY of people who take the Free 14 Day Trial end up staying.  After all, if the signals are profitable and easy to follow… what possible reason could they have for leaving?  But the truth is, the majority of people who take the trial end up cancelling before the first payment.

I have to admit, at first this did not make a lot of sense.  My service produces positive pips, is easy to use and is low cost.  What possible reason could people who are interested in profitable Forex signals have for leaving the service so quickly?

After a lot of soul searching, going over questions and comments from subscribers and digging deeper into this issue, I finally uncovered what I think is going on.  And it is this epiphany that ultimately led to The Forex “Money That Matters” Course.

The Epiphany That Resulted In
The Forex “Money That Matters” Course

So, let’s recap a little…

By following trading and money management strategies I learned from pro traders I found it difficult to reach my profit goals with the size accounts I was using.  This lead me to running a signals service to grow my accounts even faster by using the income from the service to boost my account size.  And, while running a Forex signals service, I found that the majority of subscribers don’t stay… even when the trading is good and producing positive pips.

This lead me to a conclusion…

Most At Home Traders Are
Underfunded For Their Profit Goals

You see, we all get involved in trading Forex because we want to make money.  But more importantly… we want to make money that matters.  We want the amount of money we make to mean something.  It has to impact our lives in some way to make the trading feel worthwhile.

Using the trading and money management strategies taught by pro traders makes it very hard to make money that matters.  This is, unless you have an extremely large account.  And since most of us don’t have extremely large accounts in the beginning… making money that matters is impossible.

I take that back… it is not impossible.  First, you need to trade long enough to build up your trading account size to the proper level for your goals.  Or, you can do what I did and systematically add to your accounts to build them faster.  Then, you can start seeing the profits you want. 

But that can be a long process that most people don’t have the patience to complete.  Because for most of the process, the person is going to feel they are not making enough money from the trading.  And in my experience, earnings must exceed effort in order to make a long term commitment to trading.

Look at it this way…

In the professional trading world, a trader that makes 30% in a year is considered one of the best traders in the world.  And, since they are trading accounts with millions of dollars, that 30% is a LOT of money.

But what about a trader with a $1000 account?  Using the exact same trading and money management strategy they could also make 30% gains.  But is the $300 they make in a year going to make the trading feel worthwhile?  Is $300 in profit money that matters to the trader?

I dare say NO.  I think the trader, while profitable, with be left with the sensation they are not profitable enough.  Even though their trading stats reach the heights of world class traders, they are still disappointed.

Starting with smaller accounts was exactly what led me to the conclusion I needed to increase my account size by running a signals service.  Because the money I was making wasn’t money that mattered.  It didn’t feel like it was enough and I needed a larger account size to reach my profit goals.

And I feel this is the exact same reason a lot of people leave my signals service even though we are making  lots of positive pips.  The only possible reason to leave is they are not able to make money that matters to them by trading the signals.  And that is not because the signals are not profitable… it is because their account balance is too small to make money that matters to them.

They simply don’t have enough money in the market to reach their profit goals.  They are underfunded.

For these reasons I felt it was important to explore how to make larger profits with a smaller account size.  Since following professional trading and money management advice was not the answer, I had to start thinking outside the box and exploring other ways to safely grow my accounts.  And this ultimately led to creating the Forex “Money That Matters” Course so my subscribers could do the same.

The Goal Of The Forex “Money That Matters” Course

The goal of the Forex “Money That Matters” Course is to find ways for small account holders to safely make more profits from their Forex trading.

It’s just that simple.  If people are abandoning a profitable way of trading because they feel they are “not profitable enough”, they will never succeed.  As long as they remain underfunded for their profit goals they will always be left feeling disappointed.  Not being able to make money that matters will ultimately lead them down a path with only one destination… Failure.

And I want people to succeed as Forex traders.

So, how am I going to go about this?

Professional traders and at home traders have a different mentality when it comes to money and what it means to be successful… so we need to embrace being at-home tradersWe are going to focus on the money from the standpoint of being an at home trader with less trading capital at our disposal.  Only then do we have the hopes of figuring out ways to make money that matters to us. 

Since traders seem to be making decisions based on the amount of money they are making (or not making), they are probably making other decisions based on money as well.  And if we focus on these money related decisions we can expose the best way to meet our money making goals in the shortest time possible.

Success in terms of this course means finding a way to safely make more money from our trading activities.  By the end of the course, we want to be able to make money that matters, even with a smaller account size.  Because at the end of the day, we all want real money we can use in the real world to improve our lives and secure our financial futures.

The rest of the course is available to Forex Investing Live Members after 20 days of joining.

To get started, Take Our 14 Day Free Trial

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