What Are Forex Investing Live  Stress Reducers

What Are Forex Investing Live “Stress Reducers”

Trading Forex can be very stressful.  And when you have to make decisions about your money under stress, you often make the WRONG decisions.  We here at Forex Investing Live strive to reduce stress by implementing what we call “Stress Reducers”.

Yes, we’ve all heard you need to keep your emotions out of your trading decisions.  But that is easier said than done.  Even professional traders let their emotions get the best of them at times.

We would like to say that using a Forex signals service like Forex Investing Live Signals is all you need to do to eliminate stress in your trading.  But that would not be honest.  Since the subscriber is placing and managing the trades on their own… the stress of trading and having money at risk is just as present as for the trader making the trading decisions.


This is why it is very important to reduce stress as much as possible.  Here are 3 “Stress Reducers” we use to make following the signals less stressful.  Because let’s be honest, if you allow stress to lead to decisions not instructed by the service… you are not going to get similar results.

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Forex Investing Live Stress Reducer 1:
Trading Off The Daily Charts

If you have ever tried Day Trading, you know how stressful and time consuming it can be.  While lower time frame trading might seem like the best way to trade at first glance, there are a lot of problems that make this way of trading very difficult.  Sitting in front of the computer watching every move of the market is highly stressful and leads to bad decision making.

So, taking trades off the Daily Time frame and keeping our trading to around 10 minutes a day is a Stress Reducer in itself.  The slower pace leads to better decision making and higher probability trading.  And the short time required to trade helps keep Forex trading in the background of your life, instead of dominating every waking moment.

Forex Investing Live Stress Reducer 2:
Moving The Stop Loss To Break Even

In both Forex End Of Day Signals and Set & Forget Forex Signals, we try to move the stop loss to Breakeven +10 Pips as soon as the market allows.  This eliminated risk on the trade and reduces the stress of trading.  Once you get to Breakeven +10 Pips… there is nothing more to worry about.

Obviously, we need the market to move in our favor in order to move our stop loss.  There will be trades where price goes against us and we take a loss.  So, this Stress Reducer does not eliminate losing trades.  But once a trades does get to Breakeven status, the stress of trading is reduced which helps with sticking to the trading rules and instructions.

Forex Investing Live Stress Reducer 3:
Locking In Profits

After a trade has reached Breakeven status, the next step is to lock in profits.  At some point, depending on market movement, we like to lock in profits while we let the trade run.  Our hope is the trade continues to go in our favor.  But if the market turns, we make sure to get out with some decent profits.

This approach not only reduces stress, but creates a feeling of well-being.  When the worst that can happen is you make some nice profits, it is really easy to stick with the trading instructions.  This is the ideal situation to be in while holding the trade.

As you can see, we here at Forex Investing Live are not only concerned with identifying and sharing high probability trades.  We are also concerned about HOW the trades are presented and traded.  Stress Reducers are designed to help the signals follower stick to the trading as instructed so we can all get similar results.

We not only want to share good trades.  But we want to make sure the signals follower can actually trade the signals properly.  Trading off the Daily Charts, limiting trading time to 10 minutes a day, moving the stop to breakeven and locking in profits are all ways to reduce stress and make the signals easier to follow emotionally.

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