Forex Investor – Not Forex Trader

Forex Investor NOT Forex Trader

Forex Investor – Not Forex Trader

Hello and welcome to the first episode of the Forex Investing Live Podcast.

Forex Investing Live Podcast

In this first podcast, we want to explain why it is important to start thinking of yourself as a Forex INVESTOR and not a Forex TRADER.

Forex Investing Live was created to help people understand the real opportunity the Forex market provides… and tap into the long term wealth investing in Forex.

You might be surprised to learn just how important the way you think of yourself and your participation in the Forex market is for your success.  Your goals and mindset are of the utmost importance.  Thinking of yourself as an INVESTOR is the first step in participating in the Forex market profitably over time.

Set long term goals.  Then take action in the Forex market that allows you to achieve those long term goals.  That is the true opportunity of the Forex market.

Your success NOT come from one or two lucky trades.  This is not gambling.  Your success WILL come from systematic action over the long term.  Just like an investor in any other market, you must let your investment grow over time to reap the true rewards of the investment.

Start thinking of yourself as a Forex Investor today… and you will greatly increase your chances of success!


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