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Forex Target Signals And R-Multiples

When running a Forex signals service, the signals provider is faced with how they are going to track performance.  After all, the signals performance is what most people want to see when deciding to join or not.  But it is very hard to decide on one measure of performance that puts the trading in proper perspective for every trader. After …

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Questions About Forex Investing Live Signals

Questions About Forex Investing Live Signals

Today I got and email from a potential subscriber with some questions about the Forex Investing Live signals service.  Since other potential subscribers might be having the same questions, I thought it a good idea to share the questions and my answers. Will I be up to par and ready to place a trade from your signals once i complete …

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Forex Investing Live Signals

Forex Investing Live Signals: Subscriber Perspective

One of the most difficult things about running a Forex signals service is PERSPECTIVE.  Everyone looks at the trading performance through their own eyes and based on when they join the service.  This means MY perspective on recent trading results is VERY DIFFERENT than the perspective of a subscriber that just joined. Let me illustrate… Here are the trading results …

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September At Forex Investing Live

Forex Investing Live September Results (Another Winning Month)

Another month of trading is in the books here at Forex Investing Live.  September turned out to be another winning month.  As a matter of fact, we did not show any losses in September on either of the signals packages. Here is the breakdown… Forex End Of Day Signals September Trades That is +759 Pips for the month. Set & …

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OVER 90 Win Rate Since Beginning Of June To Sept. 21Almost 4 Full Months

Beware: Over 90% Win Rate Over About 4 Months Of Trading

We have been having quite a good run here at Forex Investing Live over about the past 4 months.  Of course this is good news… but it should be a warning as well. Since the beginning of June until Sept. 21, Forex End Of Day Signals has placed 31 trades.  29 of those trades were winners and only 3 trades …

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Why You Need The Forex  Money That Matters  Course

Why You Need The Forex “Money That Matters” Course

Recently I’ve added a BONUS at Forex Investing Live for members that have complete 20 days with our service.  It is called the Forex “Money That Matters” Course.  This is not some random bonus.  It is a bonus that can greatly increase the value of the service, and increase the profits our subscribers make with the Forex signals (up to …

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Can Forex Save You From Always Being Poor

Can Forex Save You From Always Being Poor?

I was reading something at MSN Money called 23 Reasons Why You Will Always Be Poor, and it was really eye-opening.  There seem to be a lot more “poor” people than we think.  Can Forex trading be the answer to keep from always being poor? Look at some of what is said: Most people manage their money so badly they …

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