UBoat 2.0 Forex Signals

UBoat 2.0 Forex Signals

UBoat 2.0 Forex Signals

UBoat 2.0 Forex Signals are our Trend Following signals. The goal is to enter the market and profit from strong trends.  (UBoat 2.0 Forex Signals are based on a variation of the original UBoat strategy taught inside the member’s area.  The strategy behind the signals is SIMILAR to the original strategy, but with some slight differences I applied to my own trading).


Signal Time: @5:30 PM New York Time (Sunday – Thursday)

ALL trading actions taken at this time


2017 Results by Pips

EURUSD -240 -160 -40 -60 +413 -160 +10

GBPUSD +135 -470 +296 -280 +395 -250 +20
USDCAD +40 -30 +160 -220 +230 +205 +526
USDCHF +10 -200 +70 +33 +125 +10 +87
EURGBP +186 -200 +45 +67 +60 x -80           +78
EURJPY -450 +85 +60 +406 +295 -250 +510 +656
TOTAL => -319 -975 +591 -54 +1518 -445 +1073           +1389


.2017 Results by Quarter Chart
Start Thinking Of Forex Trading As A Business

Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
-873 +1019

CLARIFICATION: UBoat 2.0 Signals were first made available to subscribers in July 16th, 2017.  All results previous to July were made on my private account, but were not called inside the service, and therefore are GREY.  The trading results for the year are provided to give subscribers, and potential subscribers, a reference to how these signals perform so they can make an informed decision about the potential use of these signals.

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